Homestuck Fan Theories
My theory behind gamzee's sober rampage, is that maybe that's his normal temperment. If he has in fact been controlled by aranea this whole time, he might have this pent up anger. The idea is that when he is not sober, he obviously doesn't have much control over his mind, hence allowing aranea some ease at controlling him through his disgruntled mind. And when he stopped consuming his pie, he was no longer in her control?
Possibilities For The “Vs. Lord English” Fight
  1. Dave, wielding Caledfwlch. Although his new sword can supposedly harm Lord English, this may not be true since Dave received it under suspicious circumstances. It may possibly all be part of the Condesce’s master plan to hijack the B2 session (but that’s a different theory).
  2. Jake while using fully-realized Page of Hope powers. Simply put, if everyone believes that Jake has the strength to defeat LE, he will gain said strength thanks to his classpect. If this is the case, it would confirm theories that have been running for quite a while now, especially after this
  3. John, wielding the powers bestowed upon him by the “Legendary Treasure.” After numerous examples, he is now able to teleport to any given location or time in paradox space without altering the “canon” timeline. This means John could feasibly pursue LE should he attempt to escape to another location/time. This could potentially be an excellent asset.
  4. Calliope, revived using the Ring of Life. Were Calliope able to come back to life inside LE’s body, it is possible for her to force him to commit suicide and end their troubles immediately.
Okay, this is what I think might happen

Basically, the glitch will reach Dave’s planet and glitch the Beat Mesa into causing another scratch, in which the kids and trolls have to escape from again, the scratch goes into effect and we are introduced to four brand new kids.

The brand new kids are apart of the Alpha 1 session, however, they are being raised by people that are not related to them in the slightest, and live a bit more of a life that we are used to than the B1 and B2 kids. (See their neighbors often, more people play big roles in their lives, have homework, grandparents and cousins, ect.)

This means they’ll have more notable people and memories mentioned in their introductions, memos, pester logs, and thoughts.

Mod Note: An interesting theory, but given that Homestuck is still so close to the end I’m not sure if there is enough time for it to pan out. Glitch messing up the Beat Mesa in general is a really good thought though.

Eridan will somehow come back to life and kill Gamzee? (Mindfang killed Redglare, Terezi killed Vriska, Summoner killed Mindfang, Vriska killed Tavros, Dualscar killed Dolorosa, Kanaya killed Eridan. Who killed Dualscar? The Grandhighblood.)

Seems unlikely but it would be hard to rule anything out at this point. I think that might be just ridiculous enough that Hussie would try it.

What if Kanaya died on Jade's slab(since it's a space theme)?

An interesting theory. I doubt that Kanaya will go god tier but if she did that seems the most likely way I suppose.

Lil Cal, Glasses, and a possible villainous partnership?

I literally just thought of this, and maybe other people have already thought about this, but here’s the deal.

Lil Cal has been in Dave, Dirk, Terezi, Gamzee, and Jack Noir’s possession so far. Recently, Jack Noir looked into Lil Cal’s eyes and saw Caliborn’s soul. Then Caliborn was able to control him and Jack Noir went on a rampage.

Gamzee had Lil Cal earlier, and he looked into Lil Cal’s eyes. Caliborn then convinced him to stop eating the sopor slime. Why? Because the sopor slime may have been delaying the reaction to looking in Lil Cal’s eyes, and acted as sort of a barrier between Gamzee and Caliborn. But eventually the sopor slime wasn’t enough and Caliborn got through to Gamzee and he went on a rampage. 

Now here’s where Dave, Dirk, and Terezi become important. They have all had Lil Cal, but none of them have gone on murderous rampages. Why?

Well, what do they all have in common?

THEY ALL HAVE SOMETHING BLOCKING THEIR EYESIGHT. Dave and Dirk wear those thick shades, and those act as a barrier between them and Caliborn. Terezi was blinded, and her blindness may have been what kept her from falling under Caliborn’s control. 

But now Terezi can see again, and that puts her in real danger of looking in Lil Cal’s eyes and being under Caliborn’s control. 

Now here’s where things get really… out-there.

Aranea orchestrated Terezi getting her sight back. She used Gamzee to make her feel guilty enough to make Terezi ask her for her sight back. I’ve been reading some Aranea theories lately, and what the main theme seems to be is that Aranea wants to become, and even surpass, Mindfang. Aranea wants to make every aspect of Mindfangs’ life become a part of her life, including Mindfang’s rivalry with Redglare. So Aranea wants Terezi to be her new rival.

But what has Aranea got to do with everything else I just mentioned? Let’s loop back to when Gamzee had Lil Cal and was eating the sopor slime. At one point Gamzee stopped eating the sopor slime, looked in Lil Cal’s eyes, and went on a rampage. This may be because ARANEA TOLD HIM TO. Nobody really knows how long Aranea was controlling Gamzee, we just know she was definitely controlling him during Gamzee and Terezi’s kismessisitude. What if her controlling him started earlier, though?

But if Aranea knew Gamzee was going to go crazy, what would she gain from it? Maybe she just wanted to give Terezi another obstacle, to make her a stronger rival. Think of when Vriska was trying to strengthen Tavros. She was trying to strengthen him because she thought it would help him. Maybe Aranea was trying to indirectly strengthen Terezi so that when she overcame her struggle with Gamzee, Aranea would have a harder fight ahead of her (assuming she DOESN’T know Gamzee is impossible to kill). 

But then why in the most recent updates did Gamzee go from being so serene and almost asleep, to raging all over the place and throwing Terezi around? Because CALIBORN AND ARANEA’S CONTROLS ARE CONFLICTING WITH EACHOTHER. Aranea made Gamzee fall peacefully asleep because she was tired of hearing him talk, while Caliborn made Gamzee go crazy after Gamzee looked into Lil Cal’s eyes. Aranea was getting her soul ripped out of her by Brain Ghost Dirk, and that’s what made her lose control of Gamzee and re-instated Caliborn’s control of him. So Aranea and Caliborns’ controls are just CANCELING EACHOTHER OUT, switching back and forth.

In some ways, Aranea was using Caliborn’s control of Gamzee to her advantage, so that Gamzee could wipe out as many of the other trolls as possible and give Aranea less strings to tie. But in other ways it worked against her, and now Gamzee is actually beating Terezi. Without Terezi, Aranea would have no rivalry, and would make her less like Mindfang. Meanwhile Caliborn probably has no idea what Aranea is up to, and probably doesn’t even know who she is. Caliborn just kind of does his own thing, and at the moment he’s harrassing John with his fake world Homosuck.

So, without Caliborn even knowing it, he and Aranea are actually WORKING TOGETHER.

But what if the two of them actually MET? Could they strike a villainous partnership??? Did I just make two theories instead of one big theory??? Am I just stating the obvious??? I don’t even know anymore. Just wanted to get this off my chest. I probably made a lot of mistakes XD. 

Is there any way Kanaya could still achieve god tier?

i highly doubt it

The Ultimate Reward

Hussie stated in some formspring that a 48-player squiddle session created the Trolls’ universe. That got me thinking…Most people interpreted that as a joke, but what if it wasn’t? The players of this session likely received the Ultimate Reward, and would canonically guard Beforus. When it scratched, they would need to take shelter.

So what became of the players of this session? My personal theory is that they became the Horrorterror (wiki page on the Horrorterrors list this too.) There are 48 Horrorterrors, 48 signs of the troll zodiac.

The Ultimate Reward turned what was probably a normal batch of players into unthinkable monsters. 

Maybe we should be glad the Rift stopped Karkat from touching the reward.

Eridan will return theory

What do you think of the “Eridan will return” theory?

Basically, it says that it is likely for Eridan to return to Homestuck, considering that:

1- He’s killed angels/cherubs before, on his planet.

2- He has a magic wand, which is apparently Lord English’s weakness.

3- He has rings on all of his fingers, but one. Could be used for the Ring of Life.

You know how Jake created Brain-Ghost Dirk during the most recent update? And Dirk said something along the lines of, "Leave my boyfriend alone," to Aranea. Does that mean Jake still wants to be boyfriends with him, since BG Dirk said that? Idk. :1

It’s possible… I dunno. I personally feel like this ship is probably sunk but there can always be hope.